Digital Sports Card™ Selfie App

Athletes and fans can download our Digital Sports Card™ App and use it to create branded and treated images


Digital Sports Card™ Upload Option

Any fan can upload a photo to our platform without downloading the app.  We supply a QR code to scan or an SMS code to use for uploads


Venue Installations Using Kiosk or Large Screens

Your fans get a fun photo experience, your sponsors get connected, and you get data.

Experiential Marketing Activations

Our creative team will put together amazing experiences for your guests. We can include animated backgrounds with custom sponsor messaging, sound overlays, integrated video, and more.

Shown here, we turn fans into an instant digital Bobblehead. Our technology can even animate the figure’s head and body.

Experiential Marketing Activations
Drive to Retail

Drive to Retail

Add sponsor ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons directly above or below the photo. When a guest shares the photo, the call to action is front and center for friends to act upon.

  • In-Store or In-Arena Discounts
  • Order Food
  • Visit Sponsor Site
  • Download a Coupon

Million US Fans Attend Sporting Events

Crowd Fan Engagement Platform Usage

Sponsors want scale?

We Have it

Venues want fan data?

We Capture it

Teams want participation?

We Create it

Sports Card on iphone with generic sponsors

App Integration

Where it fits, we can create custom photo sharing apps that fully integrate into the Sports Engager family of apps and can launch from a screen directly within any app.